Update 2 on Crewel: Sound familiar?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Okay, ummm to quote the adorable puppy above,

"Huh? What?"

That basically sums up how I feel about Crewel so far. I read just a little bit more today, and now I am being reminded of The Hunger Games (which is an awesome book and I will post a review for it in the not-so-near future, perhaps after re-reading it). Some examples of it's hunger-gameness:

1. Pages 49-50. In this section of the book, Adelice describes the beauty of the women around her, and about how artificial it is. This totally reminds me of the Capitol in The Hunger Games. Also, her stylists make her "pretty," and comment on how how "gaunt" she is and overall comment on her appearance. Her stylists are also drop dead gorgeous. Cinna, Venia, Octavia and Flavius anyone?

2. Page 55. I was too busy  lazy to scan through this book to find more sections like this one, so I found the easy one since it's on the last page I was reading. Throughout these first 55 pages, ever since the "Guild" (government, I think? I told you this book was confusing me) seized Adelice and since she has no idea where her family is, (other then her father who is ****spoiler ahead!****  dead  ****end of spoiler!****). She has been talking about having to protect her little sister Amie (Surprise!). Am I the only one reminded of Katniss protecting Prim by this?

So basically, not only is this book confusing and mind-numbingly hard to follow, it is starting to lack originality. That's just great.

Until next time! 

Bye! :)


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