Racing In The Rain: Review

Monday, February 25, 2013
Hey Everybody! (You'll get the joke if you watch The Simpsons, which you totally should. Like seriously.)

So, as promised I am posting my Racing In The Rain review!

So, here it is! (Warning: This review may contain spoilers!)

Racing In The Rain by Garth Stein

Rating:** stars

Initial reaction after finishing this book:

I really wanted to love this book. Really. But I just couldn't. And I can't possibly imagine why! Not because it was mind-numbingly boring, depressing, and had a terrible almost-ending, right? Don't get me started. I'm just going to vent review this book now.

The Good:

1. The POV (Point of View)
This book was from the point of view of a dog, which was pretty damn cool. I mean, it has been done before such as in A dog's life by Ann M. Martin, but I just liked how the book makes you think that you are all alone when you say things, but your dog is there too. And um, he's alive. But I guess it doesn't matter because they can't talk anyway, which the main character Enzo totally complains about the entire book. But yeah, it's a nice change from hearing what a human has to think all the time. :)

2. The Characters
All the characters in this book were lovable (or hateable), so that was good. Enzo was so cute, and it makes me wish I had a dog even more. :(. Denny, Enzo's owner, was pretty awesome, especially the fact that he never gave up when times got hard, and Eve his wife, was a wonderful woman who truly loves people and animals with all her heart. And Zoe, well I wish they talked about her a little bit more, but she was still a sweet little girl. And "The Twins" AKA Eve's parents. They were terrible! I wanted to punch them. Like seriously, suing Denny so they can get custody of Zoe, and lying about him being neglectful? Not cool.

The Bad:

1. The Plot.
The plot kind of sucked. It was boring, moved as slowly as molasses, and lacked action. I was bored to death throughout the majority of this book. It's just Enzo talking about his background and everyday life for most of this book, and even when the plot changed, I was like:

And it was just really annoying. If you like racing, you might like this book because that's what it talks about a lot. And I don't care about racing. So yeah.

2. The Mood.
The mood throughout this book was all bleak, with Enzo all like, "I wish I was human! My life SUCKS because I'm not human, blah, blah, blah." And most of the book was depressing with people dying, getting sued, and jerks galore. It was like., LIGHTEN UP. Seriously. Dude. Stop. You're bringing me


3. The Almost ending.
Throughout this book, Enzo keeps talking about some documentary he saw that says in Mongolia it is believed that a dog becomes a human after they die, if they're ready. So this whole book, Enzo is basically waiting Wow. Depressing much? But anyway, the ending when he dies? I HATED it, because I love dogs, and cannot STAND them dying. But the actual ending is cute, which I will leave you wondering about.

So all in all, this books bad factors outweighed the good, so it got 2 stars. I didn't hate the book, it just wasn't my style. So, the big question:

To Read Or Not To Read?

If you like dogs and racing, then READ!

If you like one or neither, DON'T READ!

If you don't care and just want to give the book a try, then READ!

That's my review! Hope you enjoyed it!

In other news, I have finished Where'd You Go, Bernadette, and it was amazing, so I have to post a review for that, Invasion Of the Boy Snatchers (also have to post an intro for that), and I have to post an intro for the new book I'm reading, which is the sequel to Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, Pretties!

I would post some of this now, but I'm tired and having a headache and just want to go to bed, so it will come later.

Bye! :)


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