Top Ten Tuesday #2!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

April 23: Top Ten Books I Thought I'd Like MORE/LESS Than I Did

Alright, this is gonna be good!

1. The Hunger Games. I know RIGHT? I am so obsessed with THG that's it's hard to imagine I didn't have high expectations for it, even for a second! But I did. I heard of this book a long time before I actually read it, through chain mails that were like OMG DA HUNGER GAMES 4EVER CANT W8 4 CATCHING FIRE and I kind of ignored it. Then my brother told me about it, describing it about a fight to the death, and I was like, Ick, doesn't sound like my kind of book. Too violent. But eventually, the buzz around it grew so much, I decided to read it, even though I was POSITIVE I wasn't going to like it. Boy was I WRONG! :D

2. City Of Bones.  I HAD to include this book on the list. I didn't really want to read it at first, because the description was all demon-y and I'm not really into that stuff. But then I stumbled upon a picture of the actor portraying Jace in The City Of Bones movie, Jamie Campbell Bower, and I was like:

I need to read this book NOW. I still didn't expect to like it as I already mentioned, but I still took a chance because of the movie. THANK GOD! This book BLEW MY BRAINS with it's amazing-ness.

3. Awaken. This book... I had read a lot of reviews for this book, and they sounded really positive, and the description was cool, and the cover was pretty, but looks can be deceiving  I did NOT like this book as much as I thought I would, mostly because of one thing. Insta-love. It just makes me so mad and it's so annoying, like:

4. The Clique. As much as I wanted to hate this book, I liked it. It's one of those glossy, fluffy books that you love to hate, or is a guilty pleasure. For me, it's the latter. I just... I don't even know why I like this book.

5. The Book Thief. Another one of those, YOU DIDN'T THINK YOU WOULD LIKE THIS BOOK? moments. This book is stunningly unique, and it's hard to describe the plot, so obviously the description doesn't tell you very much about it. This book sounded kind of boring to me, but my brother had it because he had to read it for school, so I was like Eh, why not? And long story short, it was magnificent.

6. Tuck Everlasting. Fine, sue me. Tell me it's such a great book. A childhood classic. Beautiful. I ain't feelin' it. I went into this book hearing how AMAZING it was, and so I had high expectations. But when I read it, I felt like this:

7. Racing In The Rain. I thought this book would be great, because the last time I read something from a dog's POV, A Dog's Life by Ann M. Martin, it was. But this book fell flat, and was far less interesting than I thought it would be.

8. Fahrenheit 451. Basically, I had pretty decent expectations for this book, but it WAY exceeded them. It was beautifully written, and very powerful.

9. Article 5. I thought this book would be like a run-of-the-mill dystopian book, but it's plot was very unique, and I LOVED the characters.

10. Slaughterhouse-Five. They're called classics for a reason right? I thought these books were supposed to be good. But by the first 50 pages, I wanted to tear this book into shreds, and abandoned it. So it goes. (See what I did there?) ;)

That's my Top Ten!

And Top Ten Tuesday was created by these lovely people.

Have a good day/night! :)

PS. Sorry for my descriptions getting short at the end. I'm tired :p


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