You Have To Stop This by Pseudonymous Bosch: Review

Saturday, April 13, 2013
It was SO sad to have to say adieu to the Secret Series :(. Whoever Pseudonymous Bosch is, **cough, cough** Raphael Simon **cough, cough**, thank you for writing these books. They were a very satisfying and enjoyable read. The description via Goodreads:

You Have To Stop This by Pseudonymous Bosch
Rating: **** 1/2 stars :)
I always feared this day would come. A secret is meant to stay secret, after all. And now we've come to this: the fifth and final (I swear!) book in my saga of secrets.
A class trip to the local natural history museum turns dangerous, or perhaps deadly--and I don't mean in the bored-to-death way--when Cass accidentally breaks a finger off a priceless mummy. Forced to atone for this "crime" of vandalism, Cass and her friends Max-Ernest and Yo-Yoji go to work for the mummy exhibit's curator, only to be blamed when tragedy strikes. To clear their names--and, they hope, to discover the Secret--the trio must travel deep into a land of majestic pyramids, dusty tombs, mysterious hieroglyphs, and the walking dead. Egypt? Or somewhere much stranger . . .
In the midst of it all, the Secret still lurks. You're out there, reading and talking about it, and now my life--and chocolate supply--is in the greatest danger yet. So please, with a cherry on top, I'm begging you: you have to stop this!

Initial Reaction After Finishing This Book:


Not that the book was sad or anything, it just makes me feel sad that the Secret Series is over. I bet now you're wondering like, "Does this chick get emotional at the end of EVERY series/trilogy/book?" Well, now that you ask, the answer is...YES. Books/trilogies/series that I actually like and/or love... finishing them feels like I'm losing a little part of me. I feel...empty, because everything about the books seems so REAL to me. The characters, the setting, and all that. If you think that's weird of me or creepy, well I'm NOT sorry. Deal with it. :) 
So anyway, this book was an EXCELLENT conclusion to The Secret Series. But there is something I would change. So let's get into it!

The Good:

1. The Characters. As always, the characters in this book are PERFECT, as in imperfect, because imperfection is perfection, and all the characters are quirky, from people who are obsessed with chocolate and cheese, to invisible magician/sorcerers, and all in between! Ms. Mauvais didn't appear very much in this book, but when she did, she dazzled in that terrifying way of hers. Also, we had some loyalties seem to change!

I know right? It's really crazy, but I'm not gonna tell you who! 

Hahaha I think Ms. Mauvais is rubbing off on me ;) 

But anyway, I just adore this book's characters because as mentioned in my review of The Help, I LOVE eccentricity, and this book is just DRIPPING with it!

2. The Plot. This book must have VERY strong lungs because it never stops to take a breath! Beginning to end I was completely engaged, and there was nary a dull moment. In almost all the books I read, the beginning is slow as a snail, and it's not until after the first 100 or so pages that I actually start becoming interested. This book wasn't like that though! It was really hard to put down! I DEVOURED this book, as I have every book in the series, because of the stunning originality. I can't think of a single book I've read that had remotely the same plot as this one. 

3. The Ending. Well, I liked the ending, but I didn't. I like how the author doesn't cram your brain with the whole, what happens next? Part, and leaves room for your imagination to wander, and come up with your own ideas about what happens next. I like how he EXPLAINED why he left you with an open ending, and didn't just end the book. What I don't like, I'll say in the bad. Oh by the way, something was revealed at the end of this book, but I'm not going to say, because I'm doing my best to make this review spoiler-free. All I'll say is, it made me feel like:

And at the same time, like:

I can't believe I didn't see it before. Like SO STUPID. But the good news is, if you don't call it beforehand, then you'll feel stupid too. So we can feel stupid together. :D

4. The Setting. As always in these books, there's travel. But this time it seemed SO COOL! They go to this huge Egyptian-themed casino/resort, and it's pretty cool. They have like, super huge ice cream sundaes, manicures, an artificial Nile, and one Royal Hotness. :) It's kind of funny, since in the beginning, they think they've landed in Egypt.

The Bad:

1. The Ending. I just... wanted more. I understand WHY Bosch ended this book the way he did, but he could've given us an epilogue or SOMETHING!!! And The Secret that they spent so long searching for, it's just like...

That's all. :)

So all in all, with the exception of this tiny thing, this was an AMAZING book!

To Read Or Not To Read?

If you have read the rest of the Secret Series, then READ!

If not, then read the Secret Series, then this. They are great books, I assure you.

See ya!


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