Blood, guts, and gore.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

So, after the outbreak of The Hunger Games, Dystopian novels sort of took over the YA/Teen book market. By now, I know many people who are sick and tired of them. Am I one of them?


And let me explain why not.

I used to love to read realistic fiction. In fact, that was practically all I read! When in, maybe the summer after 5th grade my brother informed me of The Hunger Games, I shuddered and said I would never, ever read that because it sounded so horrifically violent. Eventually, the buzz around it grew so much that I decided to read it.

I could hardly stomach the first 150 or so pages, I was so all the violence and gore. After that, something changed in me drastically. I started to enjoy the violence. When people would die, I would actually be cheering, Yeah, kill them! Kill them! Aw, they only got injured? Darn it! I... yeah.

After reading The Hunger Games, I started reading realistic fiction again, but I just couldn't get into them. I kept waiting for someone to pull out a knife and attack someone else. Yes, I started craving violence. Call it action, if you will, but I wanted it. And there begins my addiction with Dystopias.

I read Divergent to feed my hunger. I read Matched, which did not appease me in that aspect. I read the Delirium trilogy, of which the last two books contained much fighting. I read Blood Red Road and I read Article 5. And they were full of violence. So was Legend. I loved all these books, but I am still not done with this genre. I need more violence, and in general, Dystopian books are chockful of it, so I don't grow tired of the books. I mean there's also the point that there is still so much more imagining left about future worlds, but mostly the gore thing.

As a side note, none of these books appeased me in terms of blood, guts, and gore as much as The Mortal Instruments did. I just found myself grinning everytime the "A-Team" started killing another demon, and the ichor was just getting all over them, and... yeah. I'm just twisted like that.

I'm sorry if you are afraid of me now because I have admitted my love of blood, guts, and gore (in books).



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