Book Blather: Marry, Kiss, or Cliff?

Thursday, September 5, 2013
Hi everyone!

It's time for another edition of Book Blather!
Something I've seen a lot on YouTube and the like is the Marry, Kiss, or Cliff Tag! It looks like a lot of fun so I'm going to try it!

I'm doing it the way I saw it done in Jessethereader's video. He wrote names of book characters on slips of paper, put them in a bowl, and picked out three at a time! I'm going to put in at least three characters that I dislike, so I have a hard time if I pick all of them out at once! Here we go:
Match-up #1:
Augustus Waters- The Fault in Our Stars
Ky Markham- Matched
Jace Lightwood- The Mortal Instruments

Oh god. I... Augustus and Jace in the same match-up? Why, destiny? WHY? 

Ky, I love you and all, but you can not stand up to Augustus or Jace. You get cliffed.
Augustus, it crushes my insides to do this, but JACE IS MY FAVORITE. D: I can only kiss you.
Jace, my darling. I am so definitely, utterly, completely marrying you!

Match-up #2:
Sebastian Morgenstern- The Mortal Instruments
Day Wing- Legend
Anden- Legend

Oh, thank goodness. A fairly easy one.

Sebastian, go to Hell. Go straight to Hell. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. You are 100% cliffed.
Anden, I really don't like you all that much, but you're better than Sebastian. I'll kiss you.
Day, I love you so much! You're so sweet! I'll marry you!

Match-up #3:
Peeta Mellark- The Hunger Games
Alex Sheathes- Delirium
Tobias Eaton- Divergent


Tobias, you're nice, but I guess you're just not my type. I have to cliff you.
Alex, I seriously adore you, but I think you did some really mean things. I can only kiss you.
Peeta, you were my first fictional love. Of course I'm going to marry you!

Match-up #4 (Last one!)
Akiva (Last name ???)- Daughter of Smoke & Bone
Adam Kent- Shatter Me
Po Grandemalion- Graceling

The first one is easy, at least.

Akiva, I can't stand you. To the cliff you go!
Po, I really like you, I really do, but... Adam. I'll kiss you and that's it.
Adam, the way you love Juliette is so heart-warming! I'll marry you!

That's it for my Marry, Kiss, or Cliff? Tag!

Join in the fun and make your own Marry, Kiss, or Cliff? Tag, and leave a link to it down below! Do you agree with my picks? What would you have done? Let me know! Thanks!


Kyendwarrior said...

Hi there! Congrats!!! I nominated you for the Liebster Awards! You deserve it! I hope you’ll accept the nomination.
My questions are in the post below!:)

Saru Garg said...

Thank you! :)

Edel said...

Great post :) I loved doing this tag. I too cliffed four which I didn't think anyone else would have done :O I also hated Akiva from The Daughter of Smoke and Bone. In fact, I hated the entire book. All in all you have some good taste in fictional guys....except Peeta, I hate to say it, but I HATE him!

Have a peek at my tag if you wish :)

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