November TBR List

Sunday, November 3, 2013
Hello everyone, and happy November! It's time for my November TBR!

Allegiant (Divergent #3) by Veronica Roth
I'm currently reading this, but I'm not done yet, so I guess it automatically transfers here. So far, I'm scared. I got spoiled by my friends and I don't want to read ahead because of it but I'm going to BE BRAVE!

Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer
I finished book one of The Lunar Chronicles, Cinder, last month and adored it wholeheartedly. After that ending, I just KNOW that I need book two. NOW.

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
I've been looking forward to this book for quite a while, and now it's in my possession! I plan on devouring this book, which seems like my autobiography! ;)

Champion (Legend #3) by Marie Lu
All I'll say: 2 MORE DAYS. I'm nervously anticipating this book's release because, I'm terrified as to what that wicked author is going to do! She CRIED when she wrote it! What does that mean? AUGH.

The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds #1) by Alexandra Bracken
About a thousand people have told me that I NEED to read this book. It sounds extremely intriguing, and BookTube is in love with it as well, so I want to pick it up!

The Last Olympian (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #5) by Rick Riordan
I'm so excited for this last book! Once I finish, I can start the Heroes of Olympus series, and join in the fandom in all it's misery! :D

That's my TBR for the month! What's yours? In the comments, tell me what you want to read this month. Tell me if we have any books in common, or if you've read any of these and what you thought of them! Thanks!


yaescapefromreality said...

Ok, now I'm scared to read Champion. She cried when she wrote it? Happy tears or sad tears? I don't know if I can take it if there is not a HEA for June and Day. Ugh!!!

Yes, read The Darkest is so good and the sequel, Never Fade, just came out and it is even better. The ending of The Darkest Minds...killed me.

I loved Scarlet and I can't wait for Cress. And Fangirl is so good too.

Allegiant...I'm not going to say anything since you haven't finished it. What friend would spoil it for you??

You have a great month ahead!! ~Pam

Saru Garg said...

I know! I believe it was sad. D: She has also said that the people we think will die won't but that there are worse things than death!

Oh my gosh! Another person! I definitely have to read it now. :D

Yay! I'm glad you loved Scarlet and Fangirl.

Haha, a friend who is bitter because I spoiled a different part for her because she spoiled something for me... I guess it's a war? XD

Thanks! I'm excited. :D

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