Top Ten Tuesday 11/26/13

Tuesday, November 26, 2013
Hi everyone, happy early Thanksgiving! For this topic, I decided that as a reader, I should thank authors for all they do for me. So these are the Top Ten Authors I want to thank.
November 26: Top Ten Authors I Want To Thank

Thank you, John Green, for being not only a spectacular author, but for being my role model. Thank you for reminding me to embrace my nerdiness, reminding me to DFTBA, and for showing me that one can be an intellectual and still draw on their face with Sharpie. Thank you for your novels, and also for Vlogbrothers. Also, thanks for breaking my heart into a million trillion pieces with The Fault in Our Stars. The mark you left on me, was a scar. ;)

Thank you, Cassandra Clare, for writing my favorite books in the world. Thank you for making such a unique and captivating world which I love losing myself in. Thank you for creating characters that I love with all my heart, and for writing books that I can hide in when the world outside gets to be too much. Thank you for making me laugh out loud with Jace's wisecracks, and Magnus Bane's fabulousness. Thank you for helping me find my home, Idris.

Thank you, Marie Lu, for Day. And June. And Tess, and Anden, and Metias, and everyone. Thank you for telling me to walk in the light, for telling me to take life one day at a time. Thank you for writing stories that I invested all of my emotions in. Thank you for reminding me of the true meaning of sacrifice, and thank you for all the awesomeness that is New Antarctica. Thank you for leaving me with battle wounds and making me stronger after suffering many tears at the hands of Prodigy and Champion. Thank you for making books I love so much that I must wear a paperclip ring at all times. Thank you for writing a trilogy I wish wouldn't have ended. Thank you for showing me that love will always find it's way back home. 

Thank you, Veronica Roth, for showing me that there are books that can stand next to The Hunger Games. Thank you for writing a novel that takes place in Chicago. Thank you for the strong, and sacrificing Tris. Thank you for writing characters that were so easy to love, and so hard to say goodbye to. Thank you for inspiring young writers. Thank you for factions, and for a new way to identify ourselves. Thank you for lessons in risk-taking, intelligence, kindness, honesty, and selflessness, and saying that you can't have one, but must have all of those qualities. Thank you for reminding me to be brave.

Sorry guys, I know that's only four authors, but I picked the cream of the crop. :)

But truly, to any author whose book I have ever read: Thank you.

Which authors are you thankful for? Let me know down below and link your own TTT's for me to read! Until next time! :)


yaescapefromreality said...

We did the same thing...authors, and Cassandra Clare was on my list as well. Love that Shadowhunter world and so glad that she's writing a new series still set in that world. Loved Champion by the way, so I would definitely thank her for writing such an amazing series ender. Veronica Roth...still reeling from Allegiant so not feeling very thankful right now. :) Great list! ~Pam

Reviews from a Book Worm said...

Wonderful list and so many great authors! I didn't do authors but I am grateful to so many for the wonderful books they have given me. I love Marie Lu and am rereading Legend and Prodigy atm, to put off having to start Champion and end the series! My TTT.

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