Armchair BEA Day 3!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Hey everyone! Today, we're going to discuss expanding our blogging horizons and give some love to the novellas and short stories that get forgotten sometimes, overshadowed by, well, bigger books! Let's go!

Expanding Our Blogging Horizons

I've ventured out of my shell in blog posts in general. I've become more decisive on what my stance is on a book, and I stick to it more often. My reviews are more critical now then they were before. I've also started to read different kinds of books because of blogging. Lastly, I've expanded my horizons in terms of friends. I've made quite a few friends through blogging, and not ones I'd like to lose. :D

Novellas and short stories that need some lovin'

Alex, Hana, and Annabel by Lauren Oliver
In Time by Alexandra Bracken
Geektastic by various authors
Unnatural Creatures by various authors

Back tomorrow with a less rushed post that hopefully is not written at a late hour such as this!


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