Review Policy

I am currently accepting review requests.

I only accept middle grade, YA, and teen books, so keep that in mind before you send a request to me. Also, I don't read any horror, so none of that, please.

Even if your book fits those guidelines, I may not accept your request. I will only review books whose synopsis actually interests me.

I prefer ebooks, but will accept physical copies as well.

My reviews include:

  • The title and author of the book
  • The cover of the book
  • A rating of the book on a scale of 1 to 5 stars
  • A description of the book via
  • My initial reaction after finishing the book
  • The good and bad of the book*
  • The answer of whether or not I recommend this book, and to whom
* Most of my reviews follow the format of dividing my thoughts into two sections, the good and bad, or what I liked and didn't like. 

Example: My review of Crewel by Gennifer Albin.

However, sometimes I will decide not to review a book in this manner. This is very rare.

My reviews go on my blog and on my Goodreads.

Contact me:

I would prefer an email on, But if you would like my actual email, please leave a comment telling me so on one of my posts.

Thank you!


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